get the Studio and Database versions
get the time, and on the second call, get the elapsed time since previously called
display the G-stars

Making Graphs

add graph <graph-id>
creates a graph with the given <graph-id>
clone graph <graph-id> from <graph-id>
creates a new graph as a clone of an existing graph
add vertex <vertex-id>[ with attributes(<attributeName>=<attributeValue>[,])]
creates a vertex with id specified by <vertex-id> in the active graph. Can optionally add attributes, with one or more attribute pairs.
add edge <from-vertex-id><to-vertex-id>
creates an edge from <from-vertex-id> to <to-vertex-id> in the active graph.
update <vertex-id> with attributes(<attributeName>=<attributeValue>[,])
updates a vertex with id specified by <vertex-id> in the active graph to add attributes. Can have one or more attribute pairs.

About Graphs

get graphs
show summary information from all graphs
get graph <graph-id>
show summary information for the specified <graph-id>
get [ vertices, vertexes ] <graph-id>
list the vertices for the specified <graph-id>
get edges <graph-id>
get the edge list the for the specified <graph-id>
get active graph
returns the active graph
set active graph <graph-id>
sets the active graph to <graph-id>
draw [graph-id]
draws graph-id if provided, otherwise draws the active graph
get attributes[ <graph-id>]
list the vertices and the attributes for the active or specified <graph-id>
get [ vertices, vertexes ] with attributes [ <graph-id>]
list the vertices and corresponding attributes for the active, or specified <graph-id>
get workers
get worker information

Querying Graphs

query degreedistribution <graph-id>
Query the distribution of total degree for the specified <graph-id>.
query topkdegrees <k>
Query the top-k vertices in the active graph (i.e., influencers) based on their total degree.
query topkdegreechangesbydelta <start-graph-id> <stop-graph-id> <k>
Query the top-k vertices with the largest change in degree over consecutive graph snapshot pairs as the graph-id goes from <start-graph-id> to <stop-graph-id>.


get log
retrieves recent log data


shuts down the G* server
forces a checkpoint to occur on the server
clears the Graph Console
festive mode [cap, cube, fire, heart, pumpkin, pusheen, shamrock, snowflake, star, off]
enables or disable appropriate festive mode